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This is a new page! I'm sharing the queries and proposals I wrote to sell my series for aspiring writers to use as they will. I will also be adding other advice and tips and tricks as I come upon them.

Queries and Proposals: Examples (If you're a reader new to the books these proposals do contain spoilers - fyi).

Bluff Point Query

October 23, 2017

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This is what my query looked like:

Bluff Point Series Query

The Bluff Point series is about best friends, going home, shenanigans, stray puppy dogs, homeless birds, abandoned kittens, mischievous elderly aunts, big laughs, shared tears, hot sex, and falling unexpectedly in love, all of which makes this new series by Jenn McKinlay a (more…)

Library Lover's Proposal

October 23, 2017

Tags: proposal writing, synopsis writing, authors, writers

BETTER READ THAN DEAD: A Briar Creek Library Mystery
By Jenn McKinlay

Lindsey Norris, 35, librarian.

ϖ Downsized from her library job at Yale University, Lindsey is forced to look for a new position.
ϖ An archivist, who specializes in illuminated manuscripts, there is no market for her skills at present.
ϖ The daughter of two academics, Lindsey (more…)

Hat Shop Proposal

October 3, 2017

Tags: mystery writing, proposal writing, synopsis writing

London Hat Shop Proposal

Short Synopsis: After a disastrous personal scandal leaves Scarlett Parkerís career in the Florida hotel industry in tatters, she accepts an offer from her eccentric cousin Vivian Tremont to come to London to work in their late grandmotherís hat shop. With nothing else on her horizon, Scarlett agrees, thinking it will be good (more…)

Cupcake Bakery Proposal

October 3, 2017

Tags: mystery proposal, proposal writing, synopsis writing

SPRINKLE WITH MURDER: A Fairy Tale Cupcake Mystery

Melanie Cooper: 34, born and raised in Scottsdale, AZ.
ϖ Chubby as a kid because of her sweet tooth, Mel attends
college in Los Angeles, loses all the weight, gets a degree in marketing, gives up sweets and is miserable.
ϖ Finding solace from her unhappiness in a nearby (more…)