Jenn McKinlay

New York Times Bestselling Author

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Frequently Asked Questions:

*I'm a reviewer and I'd like to have an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of your new book. How do I get one?
Contact Berkley Prime Crime's or Berkley Sensation's publicity department (see below). They handle the distribution of ARCs, as well as review copies of my other books.

*How do I schedule you for a book signing, conference, appearance or speaking engagement?
All requests must go through Berkley, please. Requests sent to me personally often get snagged in my spam filters.

*In the cupcake series, have you baked all of the recipes listed in the books?
Heck, yeah! One of my favorite parts about writing this
series is the “research and development” portion (i.e. baking in my kitchen)! I also have some expert help from baker friends and my mom!

*What are you working on now?
More mysteries and romantic comedies! Announcements on the latest books will be sent out in my newsletter!

*When are your next appearances? Will you be coming to my city?
I try to keep an updated list of signings and appearances on my Events page. If you'd like me to come to your city, let your local bookstores know!

*How long did it take for you to get published? What advice can you give me on writing a book?
I decided to be a writer when I was sixteen. I didn’t actually write anything until I was twenty-five. I sold my first book when I was thirty-three. So, you can see it was a long and winding journey to being published. My advice: Get your butt in the chair every day, write every day, then, when your work is the absolute best it can be, submit to publishers/​agents who publish/​represent what you write. Then do it all over again until you wear them down into publishing you. Hey, it worked for me.

*Will you read my manuscript?
For legal reasons, I can only read work that comes through an official request. If you have an upcoming book you'd like me to read for a possible quote, please have your agent or editor contact my agent or editor.