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★ With a starred review from Booklist, here's a rom-com to get your book club laughing and chatting!


When her first ex-husband unexpectedly asks her to marry him again, Annabelle Martin is not about to test the maxim "better luck next time." Instead, Annabelle accepts her best friend Sophie Vasquez's job offer and leaves chilly Boston for sunny Phoenix. One perk of Annabelle's new dream job is getting to live in a charming guest house on the estate of an old friend of the Vasquez family. However, this same perk has a downside in the form of the seemingly endless
"tenant rules" her new landlord—obviously a crotchety old codger—keeps leaving on her doorstep. So, of course, it is quite a surprise when Annabelle comes face to face with her landlord—Nick Daire—and discovers he is actually the hot guy she has secretly been ogling.
Both fans and readers who are not already smitten with McKinlay's zingy prose and effervescent wit will soon find themselves happily succumbing to this author's many literary charms, including the effortless way in which she deftly pivots from moments of comic absurdity to heartfelt
emotion without missing a beat.

★ With a starred review from Publisher's Weekly, here's a rom-com to get your book club chuckling and talking!


★ Love takes a trip over the Atlantic Ocean and finds its way back home again in this vibrant romance from McKinlay (The Good Ones). When Chelsea Martin's mother died seven years ago, her life changed completely. No longer the free spirit she once was, the now 30-year-old Chelsea is addicted to structure and afraid of new experiences. She hasn't even been on a date since a series of flings on a trip abroad before her mother's death. She's snapped out of her funk by her father's announcement that he is engaged to a woman he's only known for two weeks. In an effort to remember that kind of wild, reckless love, Chelsea decides to retake her European trip and revisit the men she dated in Ireland, France, and Italy. But while she's overseas, Jason Knightley, her work rival, needs her help on the largest project of either of their careers, and she agrees to give him some of her time. She never could have anticipated that their video calls would lead to romance. Chelsea's European adventure leads to some uproarious mishaps and, though they're worlds away from each other, readers will have no trouble investing in Chelsea and Jason's enemies-to-lovers romance. Their witty banter and complimentary personalities make them an easy couple to root for. This flawless rom-com is sure to delight. Agent: Christina Hogrebe, Jane Rotrosen Agency. (July)